Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fingers Crossed

You don't know this, but i've had a LOT of problems with my truck.  This truck and I just don't get along.  It seems to be just one of those black cloud items for me.  I hope you enjoy my list of "Why Does My Truck Hate Me?"

Problems along the way:

1. This is the first time this truck was banged up. This happened about a mile from home. I was rear ended while sitting and waiting for someone to turn.  This truck was only 2 months old at this time and had less that 3000 miles on it! It hadn't even had it's first oil change yet.

2.  Soon after the wreck above, I discovered a nail in the side wall of my tire.  Since you can't repair a sidewall, the entire, nearly new, tire had to be replaced.

3.  Transmission issues!  That has been my largest burden with this truck.  The truck has been "hospitalized" 6 times with transmission issues.  A 2007 model truck should not have issues like this!  Needless to say, the transmission has been completely rebuilt in this little beast already.

4.  "The Scratch"  Ok, i'm going to admit out front that the scratch is definitely my fault, but it really just fits the theme of the back luck I have had with this ride.  I really wish I had a picture to post here of the foot long, all the was through the paint to bare metal, dent leaving scratch I put in the hood.  It happened while I was washing my truck one afternoon.  I was using a  long squeegee, normally used for the window's on buses, to get all the water off the hood.  As I was pulling it across the hood, the entire top fell off exposing a large screw which in turn scratched half the paint on my hood off.

5.  Lucky lucky me had the rood repainted after the second time this truck was rear ended within a mile of home.  Only this time I was waiting on construction.

My truck obviously didn't receive the worst end of 
the damage from this wreck, but it did end up in the
body shop once again.

6.  Now the latest chapter in the saga happened last Thursday night.  I was driving over to a friends place when I started hearing an eerie squeal coming from under the hood.  It kind of sounded like a belt was loose and just making a lot of noise.  It stopped, for a minute, then came back louder and instantly my truck was dead.  I was no longer under power, had no power steering or brake pressure, and had to coast down the road until I found a spot to get out of the way.  My first assumption was that I had lost the belt, but the fact that the truck wouldn't start made me nervous.  When I lifted the hood the belt was still there, and everything seemed to be intact.  My dad came and met me to help me tow it home.  The next day my ultimate fears were confirmed after putting a wrench on the crack shaft and trying to turn it manually.  The motor is completely locked up.  I had no warning signs of impending doom either.  I never had any heating or pressure issues.  The oil had been changed less than a thousand miles earlier and there was still plenty in the motor. 

So, as you can see, this truck has pretty much been my bad luck charm.  After spending a few days trying to figure out what to do, in this situation, the truck was picked up and taken to the dealer for further evaluation.  I believe that this should still be covered under the power train warranty, so fingers crossed that this all works out for me.  

Lawn ornament. 

Until Next Time,

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