Thursday, October 27, 2011

Travel Log: Day 5- 10/11/11

Well, this is it.  Without any further intro, here's day 5:

It's 6:20 am.  I've been just laying here in this sleeping bag for about half an hour now.  I had my alarm set for 6:30 but, I guess with the lack of signal out here, the phone decided to die.  It wasn't nearly as cold tonight as it has been, so that was a nice change.  It's just about time to get up and start getting everything together to start the trip back home.

Well, it's time for a little honesty.  Maybe it was because I had just woken up, or maybe it was me worried about getting a late start towards the airport, but I neglected to remember that my watch is still set in Mississippi time.  So, I was actually up at 4:20, 2 hours early!  I had already gotten fully dressed and mentally prepared for everything I need to do.  

Since I was already fully dressed, I decided to go for a little walk.  The campground is nice at this time of morning.  There were only a few people stirring around in their tents.  The moon was so bright that I didn't even need a flashlight to see my way around.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the stars were amazing.  Well, I guess i'm going to get back in my sleeping bag for a while and warm back up.

Check out Fred Flintsone!  He is 
endorsing campgrounds these days.


We are driving through nowhere Arizona right now and have gotten onto the topic of dreams.  Apparently we both had some pretty interesting sleep stories last night.  Mine was particularly bizarre.  I don't really remember what the starting point was, but I remember the details.  The first thing I recall was fighting, like in a war.  

-I keep getting distracted by the awesome 90's music on the radio.-

We were in this big, old, dark mansion.  The place seemed very cluttered with over the top antiques.  There was a group of us in a side room shooting at a group of people who were coming in through a large main room.  I specifically remember it taking a long time to reload.  Eventually we were overrun and this is where things got a little fuzzy.  Now I was involved in some kind of school/training (not really sure).  We were about to be involved with some kind of ceremony.  One person was chosen to hold a cross and I was chosen to hold a golden knife.  The knife was very extravagantly engraved and covered in jewels.  Somehow I found out that the person holding the knife was supposed to be sacrificed and I was not ok with that.  I dropped the knife and just started running through doors and looking for a way out.  Finally through one of the doors, I came out behind the house.  The grass behind the house and around the sides was very manicured.  There was no light in the back, but I could see spot lights on the sides.  One of the other people had caught up with me at this point and was yelling "wait wait."  I stopped for a moment to hear what they had to say.  They told me that if I wouldn't have run out and just told them I didn't want to be involved they would've dismissed me, but I wasn't interested in hearing any of that by this time.  All I wanted to do was escape.  I looked over to the side and saw a tall chain linked fence with barbed wire on top and thought that was my best option.  I remember telling myself to be aware because I knew there would be guards patrolling the wall.  I took off running.  I left the dark and headed out into the light.  I looked to my left and saw the guard up on the wall; he hadn't seen me yet.  I got to the fence and started climbing.  The guard finally saw me and started firing.  There were bullets passing to the left and right of me.
-I woke up-

Outside of Flagstaff

Well I made it to the Tucson airport.  We made a lot better time that I had expected.  I still have 2 hours before my flight even boards.  I got checked at security this time.  I am carrying coffee with me and I guess they found that to be suspicious.  I thought they were going to open it all up to test it and that would've really made this guy mad.  Now, it's just a stop in Dallas and New Orleans and I'll finally be in my bed.  

This airport is pretty dead.  It looks like there is only about a dozen people in this entire terminal.  I've found myself a nice spot by the window with a plug to charge everything up while I watch the planes take off and land.

-What a trip this has been.  I'm ready to start planning the next one.

-Just doing my usual people watching at the airport.  I just saw a woman pass by me walking a cat on a leash.  She finally took it and stuffed it in a small carry on bag.  I can hear it meowing behind me.  Oh the things you see.

I'm flying on the Coors Light of airlines on this leg home.  American Airlines=  The Silver Bullet.  I was having a good time at the airport watching a group of F-16's maneuvering around the runway.  I've always wanted to know what it's like to fly around like that.  I guess for now i'll just stick to the silver bullet.

Take off was a lot of fun from Tucson.  It seemed a little more steep that normal followed by a hard banking turn to avoid the mountains surrounding this area.  I was lucky enough to have window seats for these flights home.  There are actually not many people on this flight at all.  I'm the only person in row #25.

The views are amazing over this part of the country from up here.  I love seeing all the mountains from this angle; birds eye view.  Mumford and Sons playing in my ears is perfectly accenting the views.

Funny little story just crossed my mind up here.  I mentioned a few days ago that when we woke up on the first morning it was 26 degrees.  We arrived too late that first day to check in so we had to go down to the station the next morning to officially check in.  We ended up in line behind the girls who were camping directly across from us.  ( I believe they were British, the accent pretty much gave it away.  Not that it has anything to do with the story.)  We happened to overhear their conversation with the ranger there.  They told him they wanted to cancel their reservation for the following night because they were way over the cold.  I'm pretty sure they were sleeping in their car that night.  They said cheers and went on their way.  Brandon and myself got a little laugh about that because we completely understood how they felt, but we weren't going anywhere.  You couldn't have paid me to leave.

-Wow, another silver bullet just passed by, at what seemed to be, right underneath us.-

We are passing over some really rugged terrain right now.  I can see some bigger mountains off in the distance.  We must be passing over the foothills of whatever mountains those are.  I just don't ever get tired of seeing all of this.  The sun is starting to set now and i'm sure it will be a speedy sunset flying east like this.

-Now listening too Nickel Creek's album "Why Should the Fire Die."  It's one of my favorites.  A definite on Kyle's need to hear list.

Everything really is bigger in Texas.  The Dallas/FW airport is HUGE!  It felt like I was riding the tram for 20 minutes.  Almost time to board for my last leg to New Orleans.



Until Next Time,

What is an album on your need to hear list?

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