Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Travel Log: Day 3- 10/9/ll

I'm just waking up after my little post work nap and decided it's time to go ahead and knock another one of these logs out. I've decided that i'm going to go ahead and hurry up and finish these now. No more dragging it out. I've got the Black Keys vinyl spinning right now so here we go with Day 3:

One thing is for sure, Brandon and myself sure know how to make a mess; inside and out. We are working on learning the fine are of cooking on a single burner camp stove. We have become well accomplished in boiling everything all over the table.

-The song on the radio right now is "Marijuana and Jalapenos are my 2 favorite things"-

A hot breakfast was great after another frigid night. It felt great when I first got in the bag, but by morning I was good and cold again. When I woke up and looked at the clock it was 5:30 so I decided it was definitely time to get up so we could catch the sunrise.

It was still frigid on the canyon rim and the wind has picked up a little, so the chill was cutting straight to the bone. Once the sun came up, though, it was well worth the cold. The canyon is just as amazing every time you look at it.

We decided to head a little further west and find some different views. We found a little rocky outcropping where no one else was and decided to take a look. I can't even get close to the edge without getting a little weak in the knees. I sat down, scooted over to the edge and hung my feet over. I had no idea sitting down anywhere could be so exhilarating, but this was. I got a chill when I looked down at my feet. That has by far been my favorite spot so far.

We headed back to camp for some breakfast. Soup and tortillas it was. That hot soup really hit the spot. I just finished doctoring my feet and we are about to head back out for another hike.

We have come to some of the most inspiring view points on our hike today. Right now i'm sitting atop a rock ledge looking over one of the smaller side canyons. It's much more narrow than the main, but the walls are almost completely vertical. It's just amazing being able to be out here and see all this.

This trail today is pretty amazing. The ranger at the visitor center described it well. She said "It's a rugged little trail with some of the best views in the park. It's an intermediate trail, but it's probably my favorite." It was a hard decent and it's been an even harder climb up. We have only made it about halfway up so far, but I would say we are doing good. This trail is much steeper that yesterdays. It's also much more narrow and not covered in mule's and people. I like the fact that it's much less inhabited. It's a pretty rough trail and very rocky. It's by far the best trail we've seen out here.

-I can smell my own feet while standing here. That can't be good-

This has been an amazing trip so far and it's only getting better.

Until Next Time,

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