Sunday, October 23, 2011

Travel Log: Day 2- 10/8/2011: Part 1

It was 26 degrees upon waking up this morning. I remember Brandon calling my name, then looking around and realizing I was all the way down in the bottom of my sleeping bag. I felt like I was crawling out of a very warm tunnel into the snow. I immediately started layering up with more thermals. About halfway through getting dressed I heard the truck crank up and my first thought was "Genius!" I threw on the rest of my clothes and jumped up in that heated cab.

We decided to go ride around and warm up for a few minutes. We wanted to look around and see what we missed while driving in after dark last night. We saw something pretty amazing during the drive, a large cow elk. I've never seen an elk before and I couldn't believe that was the one time I didn't have my camera! We headed back to camp and started working on breakfast. I'm sitting here now eating a hot bowl of soup/rice. I'm working on regaining some of my warmth. We are going to check in, in a few minutes, and see what we can get into.

-I'm feeling like less of a man right now. I'm wearing 3 layers and a guy just walked by in shorts and a t-shirt. Maybe he just slammed a bunch of meth and is feeling like superman!-

Yesterday was a long day of travel. The second flight was fun though. It was about a 3 and 1/2 hour flight and seemed to be over before I knew it. I seem to make friends everywhere I go and apparently so did my seat partner. It was this girl, Kristen, from Orlando who just talk talk talk talk talked. Usually, that would just annoy me to no end, but this time it was just very entertaining. We talked music, blogging, this, that, and even about the guy on the flight wearing a fedora looking strangely like a mortician. We had a few drinks and tried to one up each other with different stories. It was very amusing to say the least.

When I got to the airport, I gave Brandon a call and headed down to baggage claim. I was excited to see that all my gear made out here intact. I met B up front and we headed out on our adventure. The first few miles were pretty bland and boring. It was filled with lots of sand and dirt, but some pretty cool mountains. Then as we got a little closer to Flagstaff the scenery completely changed.

Flagstaff was a ski/college town. We kept talking about how awesome of a combo that was. I'm sure we could've both gotten into plenty of trouble going to school there. The views of the mountain, all around the city, were amazing. I had that momentary thought of, "Hey, maybe I could live here." I quickly came back to my senses. It made me want to go to Colorado now.

Well, we are off for now. I can't wait to see the Canyon. I've been waiting to see this in person for years now!

Part 2 to follow tomorrow
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Note: I'm working on keeping my post fairly short and readable, so bear with me.

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