Monday, October 17, 2011

Back To the Real World

I just wanted to give a quick update. I'm back in the real world for a while. I just got back, for an extended period of time, this morning. I've been gone for about 11 days now. Spent 5 traveling out to the south rim of the Grand Canyon and the last couple traveling up through Memphis and Little Rock. It's been an exciting time, but I guess it's time to put the scrubs back on and head into work. Starting very soon (possibly tomorrow) I'm going to start posting my travel logs from the trip to the Grand Canyon, so keep an eye out for that.
-It's hard to believe that a week ago at this time I was sitting on the rim of the Grand Canyon looking out over one of the most amazing sights i've ever seen.
These past few days were a lot of fun up in Memphis/Little Rock. Some of the highlights included a pepper eating contest with Alice and a night out on the town in Little Rock with some of her family. That night was a ton of fun. We headed up to little rock to go see her grandmother and to catch up with some of her family. We went out with her cousin Rose beth and her boyfriend, so they could be our native tour guides. We started out at harvest fest, music/craft festival in little rock, but apparently we showed up a little late. Everything was already shutting down by the time we got there, but we didn't let that slow us down. We gathered ourselves up to experience the late night downtown scene. We hopped from spot to spot and pretty much had a great time until everything started making last call. Come to think of it, last call wasn't very late there at all, we made it home by 1!
Anyway, I have to get ready for work but will start making some travel log updates very soon.

Until Next time,

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