Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween it is!

Today is Halloween: True.  I am no longer a little kid: True.  I hate Halloween: False!  Now don't get me wrong here, I do really enjoy Halloween.  I just don't go as crazy as some people.  There was just something about it when I was a kid that always got me excited.  Sometimes I think the reason I loved it so much was all the candy, or that fact that I loved being scared; and still do.  It was just always one of those events that carried a lot of anticipation with it.  I can remember spending afternoons decorating our house, as a kid, just trying to add as much as I could to our small yard.  I'm sure we looked like eccentrics on certain years.

This is the first year in a few that I have done anything Halloween related.  Last year I spent the whole time working and just didn't really try to find any time to enjoy it again.   This year i've actually taken a little time to have fun with Halloween as an adult.  Last week a group of us loaded up in a few cars and headed to a haunted house in Lumberton; The Terror Test.  I had a great time being there with the people I was with, but that kind of thing just never really cuts it for me.  The haunted house was really put together well and was pretty impressive just to see.  As mentioned above, I really like trying to experience a real scare.  I think it would be a lot more exciting to be creeping around an allegedly real haunted house.  I've always found an odd rush in fear.  Anyways, I recounted my encounter with the Rocky Horror Picture Show in my previous blog.  So, i've done more this year than i've done in several years.  The one thing I wish I could do is to go to a costume party, but hopefully I can do that next year.  This year I will be working again Halloween night, but i'm still going to try to have a little fun with it.  For those who don't know, i'm an RN working in an ICU, so I can't really go over the top with a costume.  I may not be able to go over the top, but I don't have to just let it go.  Here is a preview of my uniform for work tonight!:

What do you think? haha!

I know it's not much, but in the place I work a little humor can go a long way.  It surprisingly satisfying to make someone laugh while they are on the ventilator.  That's not always an easy task!  So, I may not be at any awesome Halloween parties tonight, or be bringing home any epic stories of costumes and mischief, but I will be bringing the party to work with me in a small way.

I came across this video about a week ago.  You may have seen it already.  This is the most over the top Halloween decoration that I have ever seen.  I can promise you that you will never see my place decorated like this, but this is still pretty awesome and obviously took a TON of work! Enjoy:

Pretty Crazy Right?

Well, it's time for me to get to bed. Enjoy the day in whatever way you have planned (being safe of course!)!  I will give an update soon on the reception of my "costume".

One more thing!  Check out this link from one of my favorite blogs 1000 Awesome things! #124 Babies in Halloween Costumes.  If this doesn't at least make you smile then you are dead!

Until Next Time,

What are your big plans this year?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's Just a Jump to the Left

And then a step to the Right!  If you know those lyrics then you know exactly what's coming.  Let's do the Time Warp Again!!  Last night Alice and myself involved ourselves in classic midnight movie history.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been in limited release since 1975, making it the longest running theatrical release in film history.  It's not really just a movie anymore, it's an event.  It gives you a chance to stand up, dance, sing, and act along with a movie.  It's a very eccentric group of people that find themselves at the picture show, but you are guaranteed to go home with some good stories.  If you have no idea what i'm talking about, here is a classic clip from the movie:

I got the idea for us to do this about a week ago.  I believe I was looking around for concerts to go see and ended up running into this at the Hattiesburg Saenger's website.  I was instantly sold when I saw the ad.  I've never been to one before and it was something i've always wanted to do.  I sent a text to Alice and she said she was in, so the plan was set.  The only thing I asked was that we go all out.  I don't like doing anything halfway.  If I was going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, then I wanted to be a part of the entire experience.  Even though i've never been to a live showing, i'm still no stranger to the movie itself.  It didn't take much thought at all to decide who I was going to be.  I am, no doubt, an Eddie.  I did a little shopping around at the thrift store and found some costume pieces.  I did some brainstorming, a little sewing, and a little hot gluing.  Next thing you know, BOOM, i'm Eddie!

Last night was the big night.  We both got our costumes together and headed out.  I can honestly say, I was not disappointed!  We were greeted at the front by loads of  people dressed as their favorite characters or just any Halloween costume they wanted to wear.  We were given props, when we went into the theater, to be used at various times throughout the movie.  It was a lot of fun acting along with the movie and shouting randomly at the screen.  If you are there to actually hear the movie then you are in the wrong place because there is so much applause and yelling that you can't really hear much of anything else.  I've officially covered my head with newspaper while the crowd was shooting their water guns into the air and been pelted with pieces of toast.  We got up and time warped, laughed a lot, and had a really great time.  As soon as we left we said we would definitely be doing this again one day.  If you've never done it I will definitely recommend this experience.

Back to work tonight!

Until Next Time,

Have you ever been to the Rocky Horror Picture Show?  If so, what did you think?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Travel Log: Day 5- 10/11/11

Well, this is it.  Without any further intro, here's day 5:

It's 6:20 am.  I've been just laying here in this sleeping bag for about half an hour now.  I had my alarm set for 6:30 but, I guess with the lack of signal out here, the phone decided to die.  It wasn't nearly as cold tonight as it has been, so that was a nice change.  It's just about time to get up and start getting everything together to start the trip back home.

Well, it's time for a little honesty.  Maybe it was because I had just woken up, or maybe it was me worried about getting a late start towards the airport, but I neglected to remember that my watch is still set in Mississippi time.  So, I was actually up at 4:20, 2 hours early!  I had already gotten fully dressed and mentally prepared for everything I need to do.  

Since I was already fully dressed, I decided to go for a little walk.  The campground is nice at this time of morning.  There were only a few people stirring around in their tents.  The moon was so bright that I didn't even need a flashlight to see my way around.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the stars were amazing.  Well, I guess i'm going to get back in my sleeping bag for a while and warm back up.

Check out Fred Flintsone!  He is 
endorsing campgrounds these days.


We are driving through nowhere Arizona right now and have gotten onto the topic of dreams.  Apparently we both had some pretty interesting sleep stories last night.  Mine was particularly bizarre.  I don't really remember what the starting point was, but I remember the details.  The first thing I recall was fighting, like in a war.  

-I keep getting distracted by the awesome 90's music on the radio.-

We were in this big, old, dark mansion.  The place seemed very cluttered with over the top antiques.  There was a group of us in a side room shooting at a group of people who were coming in through a large main room.  I specifically remember it taking a long time to reload.  Eventually we were overrun and this is where things got a little fuzzy.  Now I was involved in some kind of school/training (not really sure).  We were about to be involved with some kind of ceremony.  One person was chosen to hold a cross and I was chosen to hold a golden knife.  The knife was very extravagantly engraved and covered in jewels.  Somehow I found out that the person holding the knife was supposed to be sacrificed and I was not ok with that.  I dropped the knife and just started running through doors and looking for a way out.  Finally through one of the doors, I came out behind the house.  The grass behind the house and around the sides was very manicured.  There was no light in the back, but I could see spot lights on the sides.  One of the other people had caught up with me at this point and was yelling "wait wait."  I stopped for a moment to hear what they had to say.  They told me that if I wouldn't have run out and just told them I didn't want to be involved they would've dismissed me, but I wasn't interested in hearing any of that by this time.  All I wanted to do was escape.  I looked over to the side and saw a tall chain linked fence with barbed wire on top and thought that was my best option.  I remember telling myself to be aware because I knew there would be guards patrolling the wall.  I took off running.  I left the dark and headed out into the light.  I looked to my left and saw the guard up on the wall; he hadn't seen me yet.  I got to the fence and started climbing.  The guard finally saw me and started firing.  There were bullets passing to the left and right of me.
-I woke up-

Outside of Flagstaff

Well I made it to the Tucson airport.  We made a lot better time that I had expected.  I still have 2 hours before my flight even boards.  I got checked at security this time.  I am carrying coffee with me and I guess they found that to be suspicious.  I thought they were going to open it all up to test it and that would've really made this guy mad.  Now, it's just a stop in Dallas and New Orleans and I'll finally be in my bed.  

This airport is pretty dead.  It looks like there is only about a dozen people in this entire terminal.  I've found myself a nice spot by the window with a plug to charge everything up while I watch the planes take off and land.

-What a trip this has been.  I'm ready to start planning the next one.

-Just doing my usual people watching at the airport.  I just saw a woman pass by me walking a cat on a leash.  She finally took it and stuffed it in a small carry on bag.  I can hear it meowing behind me.  Oh the things you see.

I'm flying on the Coors Light of airlines on this leg home.  American Airlines=  The Silver Bullet.  I was having a good time at the airport watching a group of F-16's maneuvering around the runway.  I've always wanted to know what it's like to fly around like that.  I guess for now i'll just stick to the silver bullet.

Take off was a lot of fun from Tucson.  It seemed a little more steep that normal followed by a hard banking turn to avoid the mountains surrounding this area.  I was lucky enough to have window seats for these flights home.  There are actually not many people on this flight at all.  I'm the only person in row #25.

The views are amazing over this part of the country from up here.  I love seeing all the mountains from this angle; birds eye view.  Mumford and Sons playing in my ears is perfectly accenting the views.

Funny little story just crossed my mind up here.  I mentioned a few days ago that when we woke up on the first morning it was 26 degrees.  We arrived too late that first day to check in so we had to go down to the station the next morning to officially check in.  We ended up in line behind the girls who were camping directly across from us.  ( I believe they were British, the accent pretty much gave it away.  Not that it has anything to do with the story.)  We happened to overhear their conversation with the ranger there.  They told him they wanted to cancel their reservation for the following night because they were way over the cold.  I'm pretty sure they were sleeping in their car that night.  They said cheers and went on their way.  Brandon and myself got a little laugh about that because we completely understood how they felt, but we weren't going anywhere.  You couldn't have paid me to leave.

-Wow, another silver bullet just passed by, at what seemed to be, right underneath us.-

We are passing over some really rugged terrain right now.  I can see some bigger mountains off in the distance.  We must be passing over the foothills of whatever mountains those are.  I just don't ever get tired of seeing all of this.  The sun is starting to set now and i'm sure it will be a speedy sunset flying east like this.

-Now listening too Nickel Creek's album "Why Should the Fire Die."  It's one of my favorites.  A definite on Kyle's need to hear list.

Everything really is bigger in Texas.  The Dallas/FW airport is HUGE!  It felt like I was riding the tram for 20 minutes.  Almost time to board for my last leg to New Orleans.



Until Next Time,

What is an album on your need to hear list?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Travel Log: Day 4- 10/10/11

In the interest of finishing these logs here is Day 4:

Hot beanie weenies and warm tortillas really take the edge off of a cold morning.  It was still pretty cold last night, but not as bad as that first night.  I did a bit of tossing last night, but I survived.

-These ravens are driving me crazy!  They ate an entire package of tortillas yesterday and a bunch of my soup the day before.  You really can't turn your back on any food around here.-

We I got up, this morning, I was feeling proactive so I went ahead and got the fire brought back to life.  I felt like I needed to thaw out and flames always seem to help.

-My hands and feet are a wreck from this trip so far.  My hands are all burnt up from the fire and scared up from the trail.  My feet are all bandaged up to keep them from rubbing anymore.  I'm glad I brought plenty of med supplies.-

The end of our hike yesterday was great.  We found our perfect conversation pace (pace where you can walk and talk at the same time), so we didn't have to take as many "catch our breath" breaks.  It took us a few hours to get back up to the rim.  The majority of time was spent taking pictures and starring in awe out into the canyon.  We kept saying "This view just doesn't get old."  That statement is the honest to God truth.

When we got back to the truck we saw that we had enough time to head back west to the spot we thought would be great to see the sunset.  There was a lot of people over in that area, but we were glad to see that no one else had the courage to get in the spot we wanted.  It was a narrow rocky outcropping that jutted out into the canyon like a diving board straight to the afterlife.  The wind was cutting right through to the bone, but the chill was well worth watching the colors change on the rocks.  The colors went from bright yellow, to orange, to dark vibrant reds, then finally to hazy purples.  Brandon finally had enough of the cold so we headed back to the camp.

We got back, cleaned up a bit, and changed into some cleaner and drier clothes.  It made me feel like a million bucks to get a little less dirty.  The moon was almost full last night and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  That made for the perfect opportunity to check something else off of our to do list.  See the grand canyon in the dark; CHECK!  It was eerie looking into the dark canyon.  The moon was so bright you could've done a night hike with your head-lamp off.

-It's finally starting to warm up here-

-My legs sure are stiff today-

-The BoDeans "Closer to Free"-

I'm down to flip flops for the first time since we've been here.  I thought it would be nice to have them around camp, but it just never got warm enough to put them on.  For a while today the campground looked like a ghost town.  It cleared out in a hurry.  As the afternoon moves on, more and more people are filling  back in.

-I can't believe i'm already leaving tomorrow.-

It's really quiet out here right now and the temperature is finally just right.  Brandon and I took this last full day to do some looking around at places we haven't seen yet.  We decided not to do a hike today because neither of us felt like we would make it back out.  We took the shuttle out to hermit's rest ( the west-most point in the park).  The views really never get any worse.  We did go just a little way down the Hermit's trail to see what it was like.  It looked like another fun, pretty rugged trail.  We will definitely have a lot better idea of what to do if we ever come back.  We both like the idea of a rim to rim hike.

We spent a good bit of time today discussing our next trip.  We are planning on a section hike of the Appalachian Trail in the spring; either March or April.  We feel like we have learned a lot more, than we already knew, from this trip.  We will really be able to refine our needs with the next one.

-Smokey Mountain Rain-Ronnie Milsaps = song stuck in my head all day today.  I couldn't stop singing it.-

-Mr. Goodtime- Colt Ford= Song we both kept singing yesterday on the Grandview Trail.-

We had a great idea this afternoon.  After 4 days, we decided to get a shower.  I will tell you this, that was the best 2 dollar 8 minute shower I have ever taken.  Honestly, that's the first coin operated shower i've had the privilege of taking.  That was an amazing experience to wash all that filth off.  We were ready to extend the trip at that point because we were feeling like new men.

Feeling so much better we got ourselves together and headed to the canyon to catch one more sunset.  This was the best one yet.  There was an explosion of colors over the canyon.  We had another one of those wow moments when we couldn't believe we were actually standing there.  Brandon said "this trip is like food for the soul."  I couldn't agree more with that.  We both feel rejuvenated.  We both feel like we are really living.  There is more than just the day to day grind of life.  There is so much more than pettiness and bickering.  There is so much more to explore.  Life is passing by faster than we know.  Live it!  We both kept saying "I feel so alive right now."  I can't explain the rush I got when hanging my feet over the side of the canyon.  Life is made up of those experiences and take every chance you are given to live them.  Life is an amazing gift to waste.

We finished up our last day in the best way possible.  Fresh from our showers, we decided to go get some real food tonight.  We went to this place called the Arizona room.  We ate some good steaks and enjoyed some cold beer.  We still couldn't stop talking about everything we've done and seen the past few days.  That was a great ending to the final day.

Until Next Time,

Travel Log: Day 3- 10/9/ll

I'm just waking up after my little post work nap and decided it's time to go ahead and knock another one of these logs out. I've decided that i'm going to go ahead and hurry up and finish these now. No more dragging it out. I've got the Black Keys vinyl spinning right now so here we go with Day 3:

One thing is for sure, Brandon and myself sure know how to make a mess; inside and out. We are working on learning the fine are of cooking on a single burner camp stove. We have become well accomplished in boiling everything all over the table.

-The song on the radio right now is "Marijuana and Jalapenos are my 2 favorite things"-

A hot breakfast was great after another frigid night. It felt great when I first got in the bag, but by morning I was good and cold again. When I woke up and looked at the clock it was 5:30 so I decided it was definitely time to get up so we could catch the sunrise.

It was still frigid on the canyon rim and the wind has picked up a little, so the chill was cutting straight to the bone. Once the sun came up, though, it was well worth the cold. The canyon is just as amazing every time you look at it.

We decided to head a little further west and find some different views. We found a little rocky outcropping where no one else was and decided to take a look. I can't even get close to the edge without getting a little weak in the knees. I sat down, scooted over to the edge and hung my feet over. I had no idea sitting down anywhere could be so exhilarating, but this was. I got a chill when I looked down at my feet. That has by far been my favorite spot so far.

We headed back to camp for some breakfast. Soup and tortillas it was. That hot soup really hit the spot. I just finished doctoring my feet and we are about to head back out for another hike.

We have come to some of the most inspiring view points on our hike today. Right now i'm sitting atop a rock ledge looking over one of the smaller side canyons. It's much more narrow than the main, but the walls are almost completely vertical. It's just amazing being able to be out here and see all this.

This trail today is pretty amazing. The ranger at the visitor center described it well. She said "It's a rugged little trail with some of the best views in the park. It's an intermediate trail, but it's probably my favorite." It was a hard decent and it's been an even harder climb up. We have only made it about halfway up so far, but I would say we are doing good. This trail is much steeper that yesterdays. It's also much more narrow and not covered in mule's and people. I like the fact that it's much less inhabited. It's a pretty rough trail and very rocky. It's by far the best trail we've seen out here.

-I can smell my own feet while standing here. That can't be good-

This has been an amazing trip so far and it's only getting better.

Until Next Time,

Click here to visit,  another good blog, Greg Hoover: Kindred Spirit.  He has a good series going right now about hiking the Appalachian Trail and the people you meet along the way.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Home: At least the way I see it

I feel like I have a lot to talk about today. First things first, i'm not going to be posting a travel log today in favor of real life. I'll catch back up with that tomorrow. Someone, Alice, told me yesterday that I need to post more about the present because that's what people care about! ha... Well for her here we go

I was watching the news while I was in the gym this morning and saw something pretty amazing. Apparently last night, related to a coronal mass ejection and a bunch of other sequences of words way over my head, there was a rare showing of the Northern lights all across North America. According to Fox News, it was seen as far south as Georgia. The North lights, stars, meteor showers, and all things of that nature have always fascinated me. The Northern Lights is definitely one of the things on Kyle's Bucket List. To see the full story click here.

A blog i've become a big fan of recently is 1000 Awesome Things. If you've never seen it or even heard of it, it's definitely worth a browse. There is really no need to explain it because the title does it all. A recent post was titled #132 Playing music so loud you lose yourself in it. That is exactly what I was feeling like doing today when I left the gym, so I did! I rode over and picked up a smoothie from my favorite local joint, cranked up the tunes loud enough so everyone around me could hear it too, and headed on my favorite drive on the coast. My go-to music of choice for about the last 6 months has been Mumford and Sons "Sigh No More" album. Talk about amazing! If I had to recommend 2 songs they would be "Sigh No More" and "Roll Away Your Stone". Please go listen if you've never heard them. Seeing them live was an experience to say the least!

Short clip of Mumford and Sons playing
Roll Away Your Stone at the Railroad
Revival Tour in New Orleans last spring.

I drove through downtown Ocean Springs receiving plenty of rubbernecking from the volume of my radio. I followed Porter Ave. down around next to the bridge and then onto Front Beach. Front Beach is one of my favorite places on earth. It may not be the most scenic beach or have the prettiest water, but it is HOME. This is where I grew up and every time I ride down it I can see all the days i've spent out here growing up. Today was the perfect day to be out here, so I parked my truck and walked down to the shore. The wind was blowing nicely today and blew my hair into a nice "slicked back" do. The beach looked especially clean today so I figure it must have been raked recently. Down by the water you could see where some kids were writing their names in the sand, so I decided to join it and wrote the classic 4th grade "Kyle Wuz Here." I stayed out there for a while and watched someone guide a paddle board out from the shore and back. That looks like something I would like to try out sometime.

Soon enough my smoothie was gone and I figured it was time to move on. I walked back to the truck. My shoes were full of sand by this point, but that's alright because it feels like home. I thought about the times growing up when I would dream about getting out of this place. Looking back on that I realize how much I took this for granted in those times. I grew up in one of the best places you could've asked for. I feel lucky for that now. I guess it just takes growing up to realize how good things really are sometimes. Well, that's all for now. I'm heading back for one night at work tonight after surviving all night on call last night. That is something that rarely happens!

Until Next Time,

How do you feel about the places you grew up?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Travel Log: Day 2- 10/8/2011: Part 2

As promised here's part 2:

It's nearly 1:30 in the afternoon. Brandon and I are having lunch at Skeleton Point on the South Kaibab trail inside the Grand Canyon. (This is the farthest they recommend you try to go in and back in one day) Laying eyes on the canyon for the first time was almost indescribable.

-There is a squirrel harassing Brandon right now-

Pictures truly do this place no justice. The size alone was incredible. It's so big that you almost feel like your eyes are playing a trick on you; kind of like some sort of optical illusion. It is truly an amazing sight.

The walk down into the canyon was pretty tough. We descended around 2000 ft, or so, in about 2 hours. This is as far as we are going to take it today. We really wanted to get far enough down inside the canyon to get a really good look at the Colorado river. We finally made it far enough in to lay eyes on the river that carved this place out.

-This is probably the best idea we've ever had-

The walk out was intense to say the least. Needless to say, we did a lot of breaking along the way. This altitude is killing me with the hiking. I'm used to being at sea level! We toughed through it and made it out around 5:45. It just seemed like there was always another turn. The cool thing about coming back up was seeing everything we missed coming down. I guess our eyes were too focused ahead.

When we got back we decided to check out the general store. We came out with baby wipes and firewood. After the cold night we had, last night, when we saw that they had firewood for sale we couldn't resist.

It felt so great to get out of those wet, foul-smelling clothes. We both wiped down with some of the wipes and now I feel like a million bucks! The little things make you feel the greatest when camping. Then getting the fire started just took it to the next level. Now we are cooking, enjoying the flames, and listening to a little music. This is living!

-It's about time we decided to take this trip-

Until Next time,

Check out my Full Albums here: 1 and 2

What's the coolest trip you've ever been on?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Travel Log: Day 2- 10/8/2011: Part 1

It was 26 degrees upon waking up this morning. I remember Brandon calling my name, then looking around and realizing I was all the way down in the bottom of my sleeping bag. I felt like I was crawling out of a very warm tunnel into the snow. I immediately started layering up with more thermals. About halfway through getting dressed I heard the truck crank up and my first thought was "Genius!" I threw on the rest of my clothes and jumped up in that heated cab.

We decided to go ride around and warm up for a few minutes. We wanted to look around and see what we missed while driving in after dark last night. We saw something pretty amazing during the drive, a large cow elk. I've never seen an elk before and I couldn't believe that was the one time I didn't have my camera! We headed back to camp and started working on breakfast. I'm sitting here now eating a hot bowl of soup/rice. I'm working on regaining some of my warmth. We are going to check in, in a few minutes, and see what we can get into.

-I'm feeling like less of a man right now. I'm wearing 3 layers and a guy just walked by in shorts and a t-shirt. Maybe he just slammed a bunch of meth and is feeling like superman!-

Yesterday was a long day of travel. The second flight was fun though. It was about a 3 and 1/2 hour flight and seemed to be over before I knew it. I seem to make friends everywhere I go and apparently so did my seat partner. It was this girl, Kristen, from Orlando who just talk talk talk talk talked. Usually, that would just annoy me to no end, but this time it was just very entertaining. We talked music, blogging, this, that, and even about the guy on the flight wearing a fedora looking strangely like a mortician. We had a few drinks and tried to one up each other with different stories. It was very amusing to say the least.

When I got to the airport, I gave Brandon a call and headed down to baggage claim. I was excited to see that all my gear made out here intact. I met B up front and we headed out on our adventure. The first few miles were pretty bland and boring. It was filled with lots of sand and dirt, but some pretty cool mountains. Then as we got a little closer to Flagstaff the scenery completely changed.

Flagstaff was a ski/college town. We kept talking about how awesome of a combo that was. I'm sure we could've both gotten into plenty of trouble going to school there. The views of the mountain, all around the city, were amazing. I had that momentary thought of, "Hey, maybe I could live here." I quickly came back to my senses. It made me want to go to Colorado now.

Well, we are off for now. I can't wait to see the Canyon. I've been waiting to see this in person for years now!

Part 2 to follow tomorrow
Until Next Time,

Note: I'm working on keeping my post fairly short and readable, so bear with me.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Travel Log: Day 1- 10/7/11

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog are solely the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Blogger. (Just kidding) I just wanted to explain some of the finer points of my writing style to avoid any confusion. These next couple blogs are going to be verbatim from my own personal entries written during my trip to Grand Canyon National Park 10/7 - 10/11. Anything in bullets is a random thought I had at the moment I was writing. I do that sometimes to remember something like a song, to gripe, or just to say something that crossed my mind. Anyway, no further explanation needed. Welcome to my trip!

Day 1:
I'm sitting in the Atlanta airport, at the moment, watching the planes leaving headed here and there. I'm enjoying the people watching in here. I'm watching them and I think some are watching me.

-Maybe the beard is making them nervous-

I had a nice easy time getting to this point so far. 3:30 came early, but before I knew it I was checking in at the Gulfport airport. TSA was extra friendly this morning. The fact that they typically act like they hate the world usually puts me in a bad mood, but i'm taking their cheer as a good sign. There was a little boy, in the airport, that kept coming up to me wanting to show me planes out the window. He would point, smile, and say look! look! plaaaaaane. I humored him for a bit and found a smile during it.

The flight from Gulfport to Atl was over almost as soon as it started. We barely got a drink in our hands before they were scrambling to collect the trash prior to descent. I think I lucked out here. When I arrived, I took a look at the flight board and my connection was only 1 concourse over. Now the 2 1/2 hour lay over seems a little daunting. I'm sitting here writing now with my stomach full of airport biscuit.

-My ipod is blaring The Decemeberists into my ears right now. Things could definitely be worse! Ha, Life is Good.

A crowd is starting to appear around my gate. There is still an hour before the flight is scheduled to leave. I'm sitting at another gate watching. There were no seats at my gate left. The Tucson gate really sticks out. There are a large number of cowboy hats and Mexicans. One of them was even playing on a drum.

-Maybe i'm really the one who sticks out-

Well maybe I will go check things out now.

Later that same day:

It's so cold out here that my pen doesn't want to write. Well, maybe it's the fact that my hands don't want to work at the moment. It's 9:30 right now and it's 31 degrees out here. Our camp is completely set up and i'm pretty impressed with the time we took. We got the entire thing set up in about 30 mins. Brandon just told me that record lows are expected for tonight. That is a real deal camping trip right there! I hope i've packed warm enough. I'm pretty excited about getting into that sleeping bag at the moment.

-I had to change pens and it still didn't work. Maybe that's a sign that it's time to give it up. I'll catch up on everything tomorrow.-

-Brandon keeps singing this song : "I shit my choney's in El Sagundo." I don't know what it is, but it makes me laugh every time.

Check out all of my pictures here: Album 1 and Album 2

Monday, October 17, 2011

Back To the Real World

I just wanted to give a quick update. I'm back in the real world for a while. I just got back, for an extended period of time, this morning. I've been gone for about 11 days now. Spent 5 traveling out to the south rim of the Grand Canyon and the last couple traveling up through Memphis and Little Rock. It's been an exciting time, but I guess it's time to put the scrubs back on and head into work. Starting very soon (possibly tomorrow) I'm going to start posting my travel logs from the trip to the Grand Canyon, so keep an eye out for that.
-It's hard to believe that a week ago at this time I was sitting on the rim of the Grand Canyon looking out over one of the most amazing sights i've ever seen.
These past few days were a lot of fun up in Memphis/Little Rock. Some of the highlights included a pepper eating contest with Alice and a night out on the town in Little Rock with some of her family. That night was a ton of fun. We headed up to little rock to go see her grandmother and to catch up with some of her family. We went out with her cousin Rose beth and her boyfriend, so they could be our native tour guides. We started out at harvest fest, music/craft festival in little rock, but apparently we showed up a little late. Everything was already shutting down by the time we got there, but we didn't let that slow us down. We gathered ourselves up to experience the late night downtown scene. We hopped from spot to spot and pretty much had a great time until everything started making last call. Come to think of it, last call wasn't very late there at all, we made it home by 1!
Anyway, I have to get ready for work but will start making some travel log updates very soon.

Until Next time,

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Here We Go...

Ok, so I think i've got it all. I wrote myself a long list out and everything is finally checked off! Everything has been opened, tested, and cleaned, so hopefully there isn't any surprises when I get out to Arizona. We have been planning this trip since late July and it's finally here. I will be getting up at 3:30 tomorrow morning to catch my flight. I'm leaving from Gulfport at 6:11 and have one connection in Atlanta before heading to Tuscon.

I will have some big posts once I return, so check back in a few days. Now I need to get a little bit of sleep before it gets too late. Here we go....

Until next time,