Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wild Weekend

I can still feel a little bit of the soreness in my neck and shoulders from the weekend. I will take that any day in exchange for having a great time. This past weekend, myselft + 9 headed up to Flint creek for a "mini-vaca getaway in the sun fun-filled lay it all out weekend." I feel like that was a perfect, broken-down, description of what happened up there.
A few of us showed up a few hours before anyone else was supposed to be there, so we decided to go ahead and drop the boat in the water and get started early. We inflated the tubes and headed out to the lake. I always find myself feeling a little timid with the first ride and asking the driver to take it easy on me, but that always goes away within about 30 seconds. We spent the next little while out there, pushing the limit, trying to see who can hang on the longest or throw someone off the hardest.
Once deciding we had all been thrashed around enough we headed back to the cabin to see who was arriving. Matt and Leah had already made it and Alice was close behind. The rest of the party drifted in over the next few hours and we embarked on a night of fun unmatched by anything i've done in some time. Maybe it was the excitement of all of us being together, maybe it was the fact we didn't have work or school for a few days, or maybe it was the fact that the whoop juice was a lot stronger that expected. We turned the music up loud, raised our glasses in a toast to the weekend and began the fun. We laughed and danced and had one of those amazing care free nights that could've gone on for ever! Eventually, the night wound down and we started dividing up sleeping arrangements.

The next morning, needless to say, a few of us were feeling better than others. A couple Tylenol down the hatch and we were off on a new day. After breakfast, we loaded up the truck and boat, everyone found places to ride, and we headed over to the beach area for more tubing. We hung out on the shoreline for the majority of the day. I felt like I was living that Zac Brown song on the side of that lake. My tubing experiences of this day were rough. I had some of the hardest crashes i've ever had. I guess that's what I get for telling the driver to bring it. As long as no bones are broken i'll be right back on. One of the most enjoyable things I did while I was there was simply diving off the boat into the lake. After surfacing from my first dive I remember thanking my parents, out loud, for sending me to those swimming lessons as a child. Swimming is truly one of the most enjoyable experiences I know.
Following the thrashing of day, no one was really feeling up to a repeat of the night before. So as Matt and Leah were working on dinner, I worked on a fire. We enjoyed a huge dinner and then all starting dragging chairs and logs down towards the fire pit. Chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmellows starting being produced and smores were made. I forgot how good smores were! I could've eaten them until I was sick. There is just something enjoyable about sitting around a campfire with your friends just enjoying the night. Speaking of the night it was perfect. Not too hot, and not too cool. The fire kept the bugs away and we kept each other awake. We sat around till early Sunday morning as the group started drifting off one by one.

Sunday was the last little gem left in the weekend. One more day without work. One more day without school. One more day with friends. With the Saint's game on the radio we all got our last rides and last laughs in before parting ways. We all said our good byes and set off apart. Riding home in my truck I kept replaying the weekend in my head. I am the kind of person who can be really sentimental and cheesy at times. I hope I think back on weekends like this throughout my life. I hope one day we are all sitting around and someone says "remember that flint creek trip?" Anyways... I was amazing
Tomorrow i'm getting up early to do one of my favorite power nerd activities. I'm going to go to the creek to search for petrified wood. I don't know what it is, but that is my favorite hobby hands down! Hoping for some luck.
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