Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Remember When...

I thought about this blog for the first time, in a long time, recently. Tonight I finally decided to take a look. I must say, it was quite enjoyable. I was a nice little memory trip. I can see myself, sitting at my desk in McCarty Hall, writing these post a couple years ago. It's funny looking back on what I was thinking a few years ago. It honestly really made me miss that time in life a bit. Just living on campus, and being a student was an amazing experience that I completely took for granted back then. One of the favorite things I did, when I was there, was the late night walks I used to take. I would set out really late at night, sometimes alone sometimes not, and walk all over campus; really just exploring and looking into all the secrets of USM. I always enjoyed those nights. I actually did that recently, and got to show someone else the campus I remember. It was good to be back there for a while and to relive some of those good memories.

Although I haven't written on here in a LONG time, I do still write a lot. I haven't quite decided how this blog will be utilized, but I do have some ideas. It's funny how I had all these things I wanted to say in this first post, but now they are just all gone. The time will come.

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