Friday, December 30, 2011

The Ski Trip

As first documented in my May 2008 Kickin' It Old School post and more recently back in October in my Travel Log: Day 5 post, I have some crazy dreams.  I'm lucky enough to remember them a lot of the time as well.  Wednesday afternoon was no exception.  I was laying down for a little nap after work and woke up to a jolt.  Here's the story:

I never remember exactly how the dreams start, I just remember the situation.  There were 4 people in this particular dream:  Alice, Perry, Brandon, and Myself.  We were on a ski trip.  This fact alone is kind of funny to me because not only have I never been skiing, but i've never really seen any significant amount of snow.  I don't remember traveling anywhere, I just remember showing up at the mountain.  We didn't exactly show up at a very opportune time though.  It was already getting pretty dark to where you almost couldn't see and we were the only people on the mountain.  The darkness and lack of people did little to deter us from hitting the slopes right then.

I don't know why I called this the ski trip, but we were actually snowboarding (which both Perry and Brandon have done in the past).  I guess I didn't like the way Snowboardaholics, Board to Death, or Cold White Places sounded as much.  Anyways, just like magic, somehow we ended up with snowboards attached to our feet and we were pointed down the slope.  Alice and myself took off first.  I felt a little wobbly at first, but gained my footing fast and remember thinking "Wow, I can really carve."  The word carving just kept going through my head.  I remember being amazed at how easily I picked up boarding.  

Soon after leaving the top we left any remaining light and it was too dark to see the trees whizzing by us.  I stopped for a minute to turn around and look for Brandon and Perry, but they were nowhere to be found.  After being in the dark for a minute my eyes adjusted to the lower light and I was easily able to see what was going on.  We continued down the slope for a little ways longer until we passed back into the light.  I don't know where it came from, but the daylight was back.  It was that soft late afternoon light.  Continuing down the slope something kind of bizarre happened. We ran out of snow!  The snow just thinned out until it disappeared and we were skidding wildly across concrete.  It was like the slope was covered with a road.

At this point I looked back up the slope and Perry and Brandon came back into sight.  They kept crossing back and forth in front of each other closer and closer until they finally ended in a huge collision.  Their snowboards continued on down the slope while they didn't.  I decided I needed to get back up towards the snow, so I started jumping that way.  I jumped a couple of times, but on the next jump I went up and just kept going.  I kept going up and up.  I cleared the tree-tops.  Everything was beginning to look pretty small below me.  I remember starting to feel the fear of getting way too high and realizing there was only one place I could go.  I started flapping my arms upwards from my side up over my head trying to force my body to start travelling downwards.  Finally the descent started.  I started picking up speed in a hurry.  Faster and faster I was travelling down, down, down.  I started flapping my arms down trying to slow myself up.  It wasn't working.
I've reached the tree-tops at this point
The ground is coming at me in a tremendous hurry
Only a few feet now
I can feel the fear gripping me
Almost there
Just a few inches

I woke up with a jolt.  My heart was racing and I was breathing heavily.  This jump and fall is a pretty common theme for me.  I apologize for the extended post, but I just thought this was a pretty interesting dream.

Until Next Time,

Decode that dream!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kicking it at the Camp

When I got up from my post work nap this afternoon the woods were calling my name. I didn't quite have the time to get up to my Richton club, but had plenty of time to get to Stone County. I love this place. I used to spend SO much time out here and every time I'm here I wonder why I don't as much anymore. This place is only about 45 minutes from the house but I can remember thinking it took forever to get to when I was a kid. My dad used to bring me up here to fish when I was really young and I would spend the whole time begging him to take me for a ride on the 4 wheeler. That used to be the biggest thrill for me.

As a teenager I really fell in love with this place. It was when I got my drivers license and could come up here on my own that I started spending all my free time here. I started out coming up to go hunting with my grandpa, but ended up coming for any reason I could think of. I would spend hours and hours logging time in the woods surrounding the camp. I became somewhat of an artifact hunter (an obsession I still carry with me) and started trying to pinpoint former homesteads and camps. There was plenty of evidence to find deep down in the woods. This area used to be a small sawmill town, so there is plenty of reasons to find things.

I forgot just how dark it gets out here. The sky is clear and you can see so many more stars than you could ever see back in town. I could lay out there and look up for hours.

Well I'm not long for the world tonight. I'm getting up early to put in some more hours chasing that big buck.

Until next time,

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Future of my Camping

The pictures and title pretty much say it all.  I spoke of the hammock I received for Christmas in yesterday's post.  I spent some time really trying it out today.  I've been really interested to know how fast and easy the set up it.  There really is nothing to it!  No complicated knots, no screws, nothing but a few loops in a strap.  This is a very easy setup.  The other benefit is that is is extremely comfortable!  It lays perfectly.  I feel like it is something I could actually sleep in.  I caught a little nap in it today.  I lounged out for a little bit and did a little reading while the weather is so beautiful!  I have to go back to work tonight, so i'm trying to take advantage of a little daylight.

The other great thing is just how small and light it is.  It packs down to about softball size and weighs almost nothing.  It won't take up much room at all in a backpack and won't weigh you down.  Those are to two most important aspects in packing for a camping trip.  I can't wait for a good weekend to head back out down the trails.  I've been making my list of places i'm wanting to camp over the spring.  Nothing too far, all places in the south east of MS.  You really don't have to go too far for some great places to get away.  All it takes is the motivation to go.  That is something i've got plenty of!

Until Next Time,

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas + 1

It's the day after Christmas and everything i've read on facebook/twitter has led me to believe it must have been the year of the Kindle fire.  I read more status updates about that that anything else I could think of.  I was a victim of the Kindle update hype as well.  I think all the hype was worth it though because this thing is awesome!  I've really enjoyed tinkering around with it today and downloading aps.  I even downloaded my first book for it.  I'm reading Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer.  This is the book that inspired the movie.  It's one that has been on my list for quite sometime and i'm finally getting around to it.  A friend told me it was a lot better than the movie, so i'm taking his advice and giving it a read.

I felt like a kid today, playing with all the toys that Santa had left for me.  I even went and set up the hiking hammock I got to see how easy the set up and tear down was.  I also had to check out the comfort as well.  I think i'm going to be happy with it for use on overnight hikes instead of packing the tent.  I'm ready to get the camping started.  I've been trying to get some of my friends hyped up to go as well so I can get a camping crew together.  I've got some big plans for this springs, but more on that in later entries.  

It's currently the halftime of the Saints/Falcons game so i'm typing quick.  Gotta get back to watch Drew break Marino's record.  Geaux Saints!!

Until Next Time,

Did anyone find themselves the proud new owners of a kindle this year??

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to take a quick minute to wish everyone a very merry Christmas!  I hope everyone got to spend time with loved ones and enjoy a little break from the stress of everyday life!  I am running on very little sleep right now after working last night.  I got home at around 7:45am to do Christmas with the family, caught a quick nap, then was off for our annual adventures around the coast.  I'm finishing the day off with one more viewing of my favorite Christmas movie ever... ELF!! Of course, what else would it be??

Merry Christmas Everyone

Until Next Time,

And congrats to my Golden Eagles on their bowl win!  SMTTT!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Scary Movie Night...

I'm a huge fan of scary movies!  And I love watching them with people that legitimately get scared watching them.  I got to experience all the fun of both this past Thursday night.  Myself and Alice, along with Katelynn and Andrew sat down to watch Insidious.  This is the first time i've seen this one and it really was creepy!  The best part of it all was watching the girls reactions.  As you can see from the pictures below, there was a lot of time spent covering eyes.  Also in the pictures I couldn't keep the glare off the lens so I enjoyed joking that it was a ghost in the pictures.  The girls did not think it was nearly as funny as I did.  For the rest of the night, following the movie, neither one of them could go anywhere by themselves.  Gotta love a scary movie night!

I took a little Christmas eve trip around town today, just because I was bored around the house.  I decided to ride down into the National Seashore Park to see if I could find the alligator.  I did some looking around and the little pond was full of turtles.  I eventually did spot her sunning herself up on the bank.  That park is one of my favorite things about this town!

I just wanted to take a quick moment for a little real talk on Christmas eve.  I will be at work tonight doing my best to bring a little bit of a smile to the faces of everyone I see.  I would just like everyone to take a moment to think about all the families that will be spending their Christmas in the hospital.  This is one place that never takes a day off.  It really makes me thankful for all of the great things in my life.  Think about all that you have to be thankful for!  

Merry Christmas Eve.

Until Next Time,

And one more thing.... SMTTT!!!  Beat Nevada for all of us back home!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My New...

Coffee table!  I'm pretty proud of this little find.  I'm moving into a new apartment at the beginning of the year and i've been on the lookout for furniture to fit my needs.  I don't necessarily have the most normal of tastes.  I like interesting, eclectic, sometimes funky pieces.  I came across this item at work a few nights ago while I was just browsing through ads on craigslist.  As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it.  Then I noticed it was in a little shop in my own town of Ocean Springs and I got kind of excited.  I headed off downtown, yesterday, to try and find it.  It didn't take me long to spot it sitting outside of the little shop Creativity Studios.  This shop was awesome!  Apparently these furniture pieces are a hobby of one of the store owners.  They also had another small table that had the top made from an old wood framed window from an old house.  This really gave me a tough decision and took some restraint not to buy both!  The thing that really amazed me were the prices!  I always expect any custom pieces in our downtown to cost an arm and a leg, but this place was very reasonable.  My finally checkout price, after taxes, on the trunk table was $52.75!  Winner!  The window table was even only listed at $75.  You just can't beat those deals.  So, if you're in the area and looking for that interesting piece you definitely need to check out Creativity Studios!

Awesome window table.  This will also be painted to your
desired color!

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where's Waldo?

What have I been thinking!? I have been a serious slacker for the past week or so. I have either been busy or lazy, but my little blogging world has taken the biggest hit. The good news is that I've still been taking pictures and I'm about to take you on a photo adventure of my past week. Lets do this thing!

On a side note, I'm really enjoying the Better Than Ezra station on Pandora right now. I just love that 90's music!

Let us take a journey.

This is where it all starts. I have this beer glass collection and was presented with this one last week. The Cajun cannon himself! Thanks mom. I know this doesn't have much to do with what I've been doing, but I just wanted to show this off!

After Alice's pinning ceremony on Thursday night we had to ride down to New Orleans to pick her sister Nissa up at the airport.  What better opportunity for a little fun.  We were in New Orleans so we had to go spend a little bit of time on Bourbon St.  It was a pretty tame night for where we were.  We saw a guy walk right into and completely crash through one of those parking barricades like he never even saw it.  Then I hurled a pair of bead back up into a balcony after someone hit Alice in the face with them.  We had a lot of fun though.  We had the classic hand grenades then hung out at the Old Absinthe House for a bit.  The drive home wasn't much fun though.  I had to drive back at 3am while everyone else was asleep.  Let's put it this way, the little rumble strips on the side of the road really got my heart pumping a couple of times!

The next morning was graduation.  That really brought me back to my own graduation 2 years ago!  I really do love that university! SMTTT!

That night we trough a little graduation party which featured the most fun game of apples to apples ever.  I know it doesn't look that exciting, but I still ended up praying to the porcelain god before it was all said and done!

Katelynn giving us her best Tebow!

On Saturday we took a little trip down to my hometown, Ocean Springs, and I got to introduce someone else to the town that made me!  I love this place.

Until Next Time, (Hopefully not as long a wait this time)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

He Ate it Out of the Garbage!!

This is my friend Andrew.  He does things a little out of the ordinary sometimes.  He really wanted the sandwich he is holding in his hand, so much that he ate it after it had already been thrown away.  When Alice had finished all she was going to eat, the bartender came by and picked up the plate to throw it away.  As the sandwich was sliding off the plate Perry interjected with a WAIT!! It was too late for wait.  The sandwich had fallen into the can.  The bartender jokingly said she would get if for him if he wanted it and that there was nothing else in the can.  Perry said ok and ate away!  He was pretty proud of himself as well!

Seriously dude?

Last night we spent a few hours down at our favorite bar Mezo's.  We seem to always leave there with some good stories.  This might not have been one of the best nights we have had down there, but we ended up with another one of those, "Hey you remember that time...," stories that we will be telling years from now.  That's what it's all about after all.  I hope to be sitting around one day, as an old man, laughing about the silly stories to my youth.  Enjoy your life while you still can because you never know when your last day might be.  Don't take anything for granted.

Thumbs up for WINNING!  Thanks for the 
photo skills Alice!

Until Next Time,

I need to take a minute to send out some congrats!  Congrats to Alice Hiatt for graduation this coming up Friday and being accepted to grad school!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tis the Season.... for Frustration!

This is how it usually starts.  A big knot of extension chords and bin full of tangled lights!  Tis the season right?  Decorating the house used to be one of my favorite things to do.  I can look back and see our house covered in every strand of lights I could get my little hands on.  There was no coordination or rhyme or reason.  I would connect colored bulbs with strands of blinking lights, icicles with net lights, and just hang them wherever there was a spot.  I can't imagine what the house looked like to random passer byes, but my parents never said a thing.  They just let me go because I enjoyed it so much.  Now these boxes of tangled lights make me cringe just a little.

I really do love when the house gets decorated and I even still like being the one decorating.  I just can't handle the never ending knots!  I ask myself every year, "why didn't I wrap these better last year?"  Christmas is really starting to creep up in a hurry, so today was the day.  I started the process of untangling, plugging lights in, and changing fuses and bulbs.  I was feeling extra Christmasy today, so I think that pushed me right on through any hassle.  I was really dorking in up today by drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music while hanging the lights.  A few hours later I reached the point where I could do no more!  I ran out of extension chords and plugs, so I had to call it quits for the day.  I've been waiting for the rest of the afternoon for the sun to go down so I could see my accomplishments.  I'm pretty proud of what I got done today.

One side of the yard is completely done with vacation Santa
and my funky palm tree.

A closer look at the funky palm.

Aaaannnnd to top the day off, my favorite Christmas movie of all time is on.  Elf is by far my favorite Christmas movie, and it's on SyFy of all channels!  If SyFy approves it, it must be true.

Until Next Time (Keeping it un-frustrated)

What's your favorite Christmas movie??

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What's been going on?

You may be wondering what I do with all my downtime (or maybe not) when i'm up at the hunting camp or not at work.   Well i'm going to let you know!  First off I do a fair amount of writing.  I do that everywhere.  I actually do quite a bit while i'm sitting in the stand or when i'm back at the camp at night.  The other thing I do a lot of is read the news!  I'm not just trying to keep up with current events.  I like reading articles that either really capture my interests, or have something to do with me and/or my life.  I've found a couple interesting stories over the last few days and just want to take a minute to share them.

The first story I found was one I came across on  It was a story about a man that was released from Angola state prison farm after 30 years when new evidence proved his innocence.  This Louisiana man was convicted of aggravated rape in 1981 which carries a mandatory life sentence in that state.  This individual had 3 witnesses backing his alibi and a forensic report strongly suggesting he was not the one who raped the victim, but somehow he still ended up being convicted by the end of the day.  How does this kind of stuff happen??  In 2005 the Innocence Project from NYC decided to take on this case.  The evidence from the case was found by chance in 2010, the case was built and presented, and then on Oct. 21 a judge demanded that he be released immediately.  So this gentleman came back into a world that had entered the digital age and began trying to piece a life back together.  He was astounded by an ipod that his attorney had given him.  The world is a lot different place than it was in 1981.  Can you imagine being locked up for 30 years for a crime you didn't commit?    This kind of story always makes me wonder how many innocent people are actually doing time.  30 years is a large chunk of life that can never be given back.  If you are interested in this story you can check it out right here.

The next couple stories are a little closer to my home.  The next story I came across was about the absurd sidewalk that was built in the middle of our beach 2 years ago.  This is something that has always bothered me.  This is definitely one of my local soap boxes.  Two years ago a six foot wide sidewalk was built right down the middle of our beach all the was from the Biloxi/Ocean Springs bridge to the Ocean Springs Harbor.  I was always very against this project.  I'm sure it was built with all the best of intentions to give people a safe place to run and ride, but it is little more that an eyesore.  Another problem is that the sidewalk was very poorly planned out.  Drainage has always been a problem.  Whenever we get a little rain, water remains pooled up between the sidewalk and the seawall giving us a nice long lake all the way down the length of the beach.  Also being built on sand has lead to the sidewalk beginning to crumble in places.  Apparently now Ocean Springs officials are beginning to re-evaluate some of the engineering issues with the beach "road."  Let's hope they figure something out.

Last but not least a little happy story from Ocean Springs.  A group of Americorps workers spent the last few weeks clearing debris left over from Hurricane Katrina out at the Gulf Islands National Seashore Park; more specifically the cedar point research facility property.  They cleared the property and a new trail system.  This excites me because the park is one of my favorite places in this town.  I spend a lot of time hiking around there and enjoying this little gem from my hometown.  Now if I could just get someone to help me clear some of the bigger hiking trails in this region that have become victims of non-maintenance.  

I hope you've enjoyed catching up on a little news with me!

Until Next Time,

If you find anything you think I might find interesting please feel free to post them or email them to me!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Off For a Few

I spent most of my last night at work looking down at my watch. I really do love my job, but sometimes the nights just never seem to end. We weren't busy and my patients weren't bad, but it just wasn't my night. So needless to say, as soon as that clock hit 7:23 I was there waiting.

I had all the good intentions of blogging when I got home, but that just didn't happen. I set my alarm and got some sleep for a few hours. When I got up it didn't take me long to decide what my day off plans were going to be. I loaded up the truck and headed up to the hunting camp in Richton. My afternoon hunt didn't really amount to much. I didn't see any deer until I was headed out of the woods on the side of the trail. Maybe I'll have some better luck tomorrow.

On a funny note, I'm pretty sure the Gorton's fisherman was in the unit last night. Oh yeah we totally get celebrities!! Haha

Well I'll be getting up early so....
Until Next Time,

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What were they thinking!

I'm just up starting to get ready for another day at work.  I had great intentions of blogging for the last few day and even this morning, but that just never happened.  It's kind of hard to motivate myself to do anything after a long 12 hours at the hospital.  Anyways let's catch up on the last couple days.

The hunting trip ended up pretty lack luster.  Neither one of us saw a deer that final morning, so we packed up our gear, headed back to town, and got checked out of the sketchy motel.  The drive home wasn't too bad and that was the hunting trip!

The red sky sunrise I watched from my stand that 
final morning.  That was one positive.

Max taking his turn with the gear on the way
out of the woods.

When I got back to Hattiesburg, I headed over to Alice's new apartment and helped her tie up a few odds and ends after her move.  Some friends came over and we watched our beloved Saints put the pounding on the Detroit Lions.  Alice took a few minutes to set up her Charlie Brown tree and we all just enjoyed the rest of the night.

Alice's Tree

My drive back down to the coast.

Random:  I ran in to a couple very unique VW's this past
weekend.  I had to get a couple of pics just because.

Ok, so here's my soap box of the past few days.  After the extreme joy of my Alma Mater capturing the C-USA championship on Saturday (as discussed in my last post), I found myself dealing with a little bit of anger on Sunday.  After the big win a lot of fans, including myself, found out that not only was a trip to the Liberty Bowl (which most of us were expecting) a non-option, but our Golden Eagles were going to be traveling to Honolulu to play Nevada at the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl on Christmas Eve.  Coach Fedora stated that this would be an opportunity to reward the team for a great season since he believes that most of the team would not have the chance to visit Hawaii otherwise.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm glad that the team is being rewarded, but what about the fans that follow this team week in and week out.  What about the fans that have been watching this team flounder in mediocrity for years.  Shouldn't we be rewarded by being there for our team!?  We were all expecting a Liberty Bowl appearance, but because of a rule voted on by bowl and conference leaders the SEC and Big East will be represented in Memphis.  I can understand that, but there were other options!  One of them was a meeting with Penn State and the Ticket City Bowl in Dallas.  Hello!  Why would we not want to play a team with the history of Penn State?  The team may be having a rough season, but when you beat a Penn State people notice that.  Instead we will be playing in a second tier bowl in a place that the vast majority of fans will have no means of getting to.  Plus (I know this doesn't relate to most) i'm working Christmas eve; bummer.  

Are you ready for my opinion on the matter?  I sure hope you are.  I think it's more of an ego decision from Larry Fedora.  I've never been a huge fan of the guy, but I do love this team.  He has always come off as WAY too self important to me.  If anyone has ever seen him making the Eagle walk you know exactly what i'm saying.  I'm thinking that Larry Fedora doesn't want to end his career at USM on a losing note.  With this big season the coach is poised to sign a big money contract with a bigger school.  The potential schools i've heard are Kansas, North Carolina, or even Texas A&M.  We all know that he is leaving, but we still expect a little bit of respect to the tradition of this school.

In closing...... SMTTT Always!!

Until Next Time,

Do you have any opinion in the USM debate?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Louisville Chronicles Part 2

I have to go ahead and say this: Southern Miss To The Top!! Or SMTTT for everyone who's been seeing that all over twitter and wondering what the heck that meant. They won the C-USA championship today ruining the hopes of Houston possibly landing a huge bowl and Heisman trophy. Sorry bout yo luck Houston! I wore the battery out on my phone today checking on the score. I wish I could've been there for that big win! I was definitely there in spirit. I caught myself humming the Alma Mater following the game. I could almost see the team gather in front of the band, singing along with the rest of the student section. Those are some great memories!

We sing to thee, our Alma Mater,
USM thy praises be.
Southern mem'ries we shall cherish
Loyalty we pledge to thee.

Spacious skies and land of sunshine,
Verdant trees and shelt'ring walls.
Now our hearts lift ev-er to thee
As we praise thy hallowed halls.

I'm a proud alum of the University of Southern Mississippi! SMTTT

As for a little update from today, quiet would be the right word. I saw a bunch of turkeys but not a single deer. It really sounds exciting doesn't it?

My favorite time of day. Right when the sun goes down, but still hasn't quite gotten dark yet.
Tree that was struck by lightening. There were two strips from top to bottom completely carved out of the trunk.
My view for most of the day.

Until Next Time,

Friday, December 2, 2011

We at the Hotel, Motel, Village Inn!

Ok, this is my first attempt at mobile blogging! You're excited too right?

As mentioned in my previous blog, my buddy Max and I are up in Louisville (MS) doing some hunting. We lost the sweet setup we had with Max's trailer, from his day at school in Starkville, do we had to find somewhere new to stay. Based on a recommendation from his uncle and WAY too much research on his part, we discovered the Village Inn. Now, I was skeptical from the moment Max mentioned the rooms are only $45 a night, but when He walked out carrying the tv remote they had just issued him all I could do was laugh. Instead of just writing about it, how about we take a little picture tour of the Village Inn room #105!!

The view from the door followed by max looking really sketchy!

Awesome kitty wallpaper in the bathroom.

That is the ceiling of the bathroom. Yes that is duct tape! I'm also pretty sure the entire shower is glued on with caulk. The shower only has two temperatures, frigid and surface of the sun!

Wicked fridge/ microwave combo! The room's not so bad right? Haha, but truly I can't complain because last year we spent a freezing long weekend at his trailer without power.

I didn't see much today, but I did see about 20 turkeys this morning. The picture isn't the best because the sun was right in my face but I did try.

The view from my nap!

Well we are heading back out first thing, so I'm off to bed.

Until Next Time,