Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kickin' It Old School

It's summer now and i'm already slacking on my posts so here is a new one! First of all, for those of you who don't know me very well, I need to explain something. My nights are filled with all sorts of dreams. I know thats not very exciting, but my dreams are CRAZY and the great thing is I remember them very vividly. So, I thought I would share my dream from last night with you ;)

Ok, so last night I remember 2 parts to my dream. I don't know if they were connected or completely different. The first one wasn't that strange and I only remember one specific thing. I remember my mom showing up holding 2 bags of sunflower seeds. One was ranch, for my sister, and the other was nacho cheese, for me. I asked my sister today if she even liked ranch sunflower seeds and the answer was no. I have no idea what that was all about, but the second one was a little more interesting.

There is no clear start to it but the first thing I remember is turning my big wheel onto beachview (the road I live off of) from the stop sign. Yes I said my BIG WHEEL, ha! I didn't realize it at the time, but I was in a race. Needless to say I didn't do very well in it. I got stuck behind someone doing 20 (I know that sounds like lightning on a big wheel, but I remember being mad because we were going so slow) and didn't have an opportunity to pass because there was traffic coming down the other lane. Another thing I remember was that I was peddling my guts out but my big wheel just wasn't moving and all these other guys were passing me up. I remember thinking that they had figured something out with the gear ratio??? Well we crossed the finish line and there was a ton of guys already down there. The top four guys were giving each other high fives and some pounds and kept talking about how some people actually cared about racing unlike the others that were just piddling around.

Well, that wasn't one of my craziest or longest dreams, but I just felt like sharing it. I hope it makes everyone see how big of a weirdo I am or gives you a good laugh. I always get a good laugh out of these dreams.

Until Next Time,

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