Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Great Weekend

The title says it all. I had an amazing weekend at a D Now in Citronelle, AL. I honestly just don't know what to say about it though other than that. One fun thing about working with high school kids is that the boys will do absolutely anything that you convince them is cool; even the gallon challenge! Needless to say we watched two of them puke their guts out trying to down a gallon of milk on a hot day, ha! I feel like such a bum right now that I can't even write anything about the weekend. It was amazing to watch the students because they were truly willing to lay everything out there in praise and that amazes me. It seems like sometimes we get so timid around others at that age because everything is about looking "cool." I remember those days, and i'm truly glad i'm not in high school anymore!

On another note I am done with FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Big breath out) Talk about relief. I feel pretty good about it too. I'm pretty much on summer vacation now. What do I do now?? ha... I'm moving out on Thursday and headed back to the coast for the break. I'm gonna be making that bank this summer working. No class for me. I just can't take anymore at the moment. Then as soon as I finish the race car i'll be spending weekends beating the doors off of it! Oh well this is all I have for now... sorry for the lack of substance.

Until Next Time,

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