Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Walking Across Campus

I find it funny, sometimes, of some of the things I notice while walking across campus. Today I saw a man, looked like a professor, walking around campus in sandals while also rocking a nice pair of thick wool socks??? I don't know why but it made me laugh. Another thing I notice a lot is an individuals inability to face another. Why don't some even look up? It makes me wonder sometimes. Then a lot of the people, that do look up, look like they are miserable. Is it so hard to just be pleasant and smile? A simple smile can mean so much. I mean I don't know everyones story, I wish I could hear them all, but aren't we alive? I just can't comprehend how life can get so low that you don't even want it anymore. I am so thankful for the simple fact that I am alive and all those little things that keep me going. I praise God for Everything! The cool breeze, a beautiful sunset, and even those not so good times or a hurricane because I am ALIVE!! What am I trying to say here?? Be happy! Hold your head up and SMILE because we are ALIVE!!

Until Next Time (smiling),

Oh.. one more thing.... I think we should all have life theme music!!... is that weird?? What would your song be?? think about it!


Samantha said...

Country it may be... but my theme song for life would be Settlin' by Sugarland.

"I am finding what it means to be the girl
Who changed her mind
And changed the world"

scott capers said...

well dude..... i'm going to have to say that my song would be theme from saved by the bell......just kidding .... even though that was a great song. no really i guess it would be heart of worship. it doesn't matter what happens in life...... it always comes back to your worship. and that makes life worth it all.

"its alright ..... cause i'm saved by the bell"