Monday, April 14, 2008

Surprising Results

I just got out of a hour and a half long class discussion on universal health care. It was awesome to be able to have such a "spirited" friendly debate among classmates. I was impressed with how important the issues concerning our nation were to the students i'm in nursing school with, and how passionate some of them were concerning the issues. What i'm getting at is we conducted a mock vote in the class and with the opinions expressed during the discussion the outcome kind of surprised me. Well here are the results: 2-not voting, 3- wrote in Ron Paul, 4- Hilary Clinton, 9- Barack Obama, and finally 15- John McCain. The bulk of the debating came from Obama supporters and I was expecting a land-slide victory in his favor. I guess the silent majority speaks louder than words alone.

On another note... I need to make another musical plug... While you are checking out Andrew White, go ahead and cruise on over and check out my room mate James' music page. James is another USM student with some amazing talents. GO!! check it out and enjoy...

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