Friday, April 25, 2008

I Need Words

I need Words
As Wide as Sky
I need a Language wide as
This Longing inside
And I need a voice
Bigger than MINE
And I need a Song to sing You
That i've yet to find
Oh, I need you........
To be here now......

Riding back home yesterday I decided, don't know why, to put in David Crowder* Band's first major release Can you hear us? I probably haven't listened to this album in the past two years and honestly its a mistake. I forgot how amazing of an album this is. It was a different time for the DC*B. Their first indie release, All I Can Say, was almost unrecognizable to the DC*B listener of today, but it led to this album. This is the album that truly gave DC*B their sound. It's not near as electronic as their newer albums but is better, in its own regards and my opinion, than their latest two releases. Can you hear us? is the stepping stone the band used to leap to their most accomplished album of their career Illuminate; amazing album, go get it if you don't have it!!! NOW!!!............ Back to Can you hear us. This album is absolutely amazing. The songs on this album are simply beautifully written expressions of praise and joy. The pictures painted by these songs are done like only David Crowder himself can do. This is an album that will take you places, if you know what I mean. I'm sitting here considering hopping in my truck and just driving. I know i'm terrible at promoting anything, but you can trust me on this one. I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN!!!

PS: I couldn't wait and made it out to the rope swing yesterday afternoon!! A couple of my buddies met me up there and we spent the afternoon goofing off at the creek. It was a little chilly but definitely worth it!

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