Monday, April 21, 2008

Enjoy the Ride

I don't know how everyone else feels about this, but I really love days when I can take the long way... anywhere! Especially on a beautiful day. It just gives a lot of time for thought, reflection, and even a little imagination. It's always nice to have a little personal time for that.

Today, with no class, I was really able to meander my way around the country on my way back to campus. I did my best to avoid highways and, I must say, did a pretty good job of it. I took the scenic route out towards our camp and even did a little slippin' and slidin' around the corners of old dirt roads. I made it a point to get out and take a look at the creek near our camp and almost let myself get a little stupid. When I got to the dead end a bunch of turkeys scattered, which really gave me an itch, and I just wish I was a little faster with the camera. But back to getting stupid, I walked down the path to the creek and the first thing that catches my eye is a brand new rope swing. I found a stick and pulled it in to me, gave it a little tug, got a brilliant idea in my head, and then let my senses get the best of me. I just wanted to swing out over the creek but saw myself only falling in and ruining everything I had on me.

After the tree incident I turned around and headed back down towards the camp for a little bit. I really don't know why I don't spend much time out there this time of the year because it's amazing. Maybe it's because that is like my second home during the deer season. I just get a little burned out. The first thing I think when the pond catches my eye is "man I wish I had my pole," but of course if I did, have one, it would be raining. The sun was so bright I could see every fish in there, and since I don't have my pole I see that lunker bass that looks like a log floating around in there. I'll get them next time!

It just feels good to get out and enjoy a drive. Just listening to the radio and letting my mind wander all over. I must admit that seeing that rope swing really excites me about the summer! I can't wait! Well, I hope everyone survived their Monday and want to wish you luck for the week. It's almost over!

Until Next Time,

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