Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dega Bound

I got a call from a friend about noon on saturday. He said "hey Kyle wanna go to Talladega tomorrow?" My natural response was "heck to the yeah!!" So there it was, plans for Sunday. Now it was one LONG day, but fun anyways. I met the bus at 4 AM in Ocean Springs and we headed out making stops along the coast and even one in Saraland picking up other race fans on their way to the race. We got to Talladega about an hour before the race (just in time) and right when I got to my seat they were finishing up driver introductions. Now it wasn't the prettiest day ( see picture) but it was a perfect day to be out seeing a race. It was nice hot having to be scorched. Soon after reaching my seat, the invocation, National Anthem, and the most famous words in motorsports "Gentlemen start your engines" we were off. The race wasn't the most exciting one i've ever seen out here, but it's not about that. Until you've seen 300,000 people in one place for an event, you just won't understand. It's an amazing site. Amazing but a little crazy. You will see ALL types at a big race, ha! I had a guy behind me that was so drunk that he forgot he had a beer in his hand, then when a wreck happened he proceeded to dump it all over me; wonderful. Even though I had a beer shower it was still a fun day. I'm never disappointed with Talladega and will continue returning every chance I get! This is another Kyle recommendation: Go see a big race!
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