Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Day Closer

Well.... I spent another day getting a step closer to finally finishing this car! It's been a long road and i'm finally getting to the end. The process has taken me a little over a year now, but I can't even begin to claim that i've been working on it for that long. This was one of those projects that me and my buddies would work on a little bit here and a little bit there whenever we had time. It wasn't until recent that I got really serious about finishing it. So, how much do I have wrapped up in this car? After a quick tally it is concluded that I have around $800 in it so far... The car is the best deal i've ever gotten!!! It cost me exactly.. NOTHING! One of those rare moments where someone wants to get rid of a car so bad that they tell you if you haul it off it's yours! The problem was that he couldn't keep it running so I figured it would be something to tinker with, but to my surprise $45 and a day later the car was running like a champ. Thats when the build process began; or maybe I should say the tear down process. Well after all the fun i'm pretty close to done now. We just got done with the roll cage, seat, and all the other safety equipment. Now its just sitting waiting for a paint job and the little finishing touches. This is my other "summer plan." This will bring my weekend a little excitement. Even though it took so long to build, by the end of the summer there probably won't be much left, ha! Well... enough racecar babble...

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