Thursday, April 17, 2008


The trip is official. Well all the particulars aren't worked out yet but, the general idea is in place. The trip officially begins on July 13 and is slated to wrap up on or around the 19th. The final destination is Davis Mountain State Park in Ft. Davis, Texas. This is WAY west TX and the nearest town is Alpine. We really don't know when we are gonna get out there but we are planning on taking as much time as we want. We are gonna try to find some "roadside" attractions on the way out there and might even take Hwy. 90 all the way out. Don't really have anything set in stone but, that makes things more interesting in my opinion. Once we get out there we are planning on hiking up to the primitive campsites and spend a few days just chillin' and doing some serious wandering around. Last time we were out here we were, needless to say, lucky to get out! ha! Its all good. I can't wait to tackle this place again.

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Samantha said...

Sounds amazing - and looks beautiful!